Smart Information System Capabilities of Digital Supply Chain Business Models

  • Jochen Nürk PhD student at Mendel University


This study explores how supply chain management (SCM) information system (IS) capabilities can lead to superior business performance, and what are the detailed capabilities and methods to master volatility and uncertainties in business environments. Key concepts in SC modelling have been identified for decreasing SC complexity and increasing SC agility and key methods for supply network planning and synchronisation for optimising business performance and objectives that are often contradicting at the same time. The study developed a best practice for profit-optimised SCM for companies with capital intensive and capacity constrained resources such as in the steel companies and others of the process industry. Finally, the study shows how Industry 4.0 innovations such as Cyber-Physical Systems and blockchain technology can provide new value potentials from cross-organisational network effects and increased autonomy of SC ecosystems for dealing with unforeseen events and improved prevention from system failure. Keywords: supply chain management, capabilities, artefacts, alignment, Industry 4.0 JEL codes: M110, M150, O310, O320