The stereoscopic analysis and depth map creation

  • Ondřej Švehla
Keywords: Stereoscopic image, Depth map, EmguCV, Basler


This contribution is focused on the use of the stereoscopic image for the purpose of depth map creation. Further, methods for calibration of the camera(s) are discussed. A stereoscopic head was constructed for the purpose creating stereoscopic image. Two industrial cameras Basler acA1600-20uc with lens Computar M2514-MP2 were used for constructing this head. Furthermore, the algorithm for obtaining the depth map is described. A programing language C# and EmguCV library were used to the implementation of algorithm. The algorithm consists of 4 parts. The calibration of the camera(s) and image acquisition is solved as first. Calibration of the camera(s) is solved by detection of intersections on the chessboard. Further, methods for the purpose of depth map obtaining are described. The implemented algorithm is tested in the end. 


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