Resistance to Change in Public Organization: Reasons and How to Overcome It

  • Ayesha Amjad The Superior University
  • Muqqadas Rehman The Superior University, Lahore


The objective behind this paper is to explore the main sources of resistance to change and how that resistance effects the whole organization. Employees `duty and overseeing resistance effectively are basic essentials for forceful change management. This paper implements qualitative approach to observe the employees` resistance to change in one of the government organization working under Ministry of Industries of Pakistan. This is a qualitative study in which sample of 10 interviews have been conducted from the managers, deputy managers and executives working in this government organization. As indicated by Kurt Lewin's force field analysisthis study shows, a manager looking for to "push" the procedure of organizational change must put all push to decrease the impact of preventing forces while expanding the impact of main driving forces and along these lines work with resistance of employees towards change.